Water is our element and nature is our environment

Enjoying their union means tracing a path through which body and mind can enjoy a newfound harmony and renewed energy.


Water SPA

Your journey to discover inner balance passes through wellness programs and treatments, created to regenerate the senses and let you fully enjoy all the beneficial power of water.

Relax Area

Comfortable suspended seats and a large fully visible window: the Relax Area has been designed to offer a moment of quiet and complete relaxation at the end of the wellness program. With your gaze turned to the panorama – spectacular at any time of day – you can enjoy a freshly prepared fruit and vegetable extract from our healthy bar and allow yourself the luxury of dedicating time only to yourself.


Wellness Pool

A corner of paradise dedicated exclusively to relaxation: an infinity pool on the lake where you can immerse yourself in 35 degrees of well-being and let yourself be carried away in a state of profound relaxation. Admission is included for all guests of the Resorts and can also be used without a stay with daily admission to the Nabi Water SPA.

SPA's environments

Our Water Spa, surrounded by nature, with its rooms and spaces dedicated to wellness, is ready to give you unique moments to experience, with an exclusive lake view.

Finnish sauna

Excellent remedy to purify the body, thanks to sweating and dilation of the pores it favors the elimination of toxins and stimulates cell turnover. Indicated after a workout, it mitigates and relieves muscle tension.

Turkish bath

The so-called steam bath or Hammam induces the body and mind into a remarkable state of relaxation. The benefit of the warm warmth felt by the skin leads not only to total relaxation, but also to the elimination of toxins.

Emotional shower

Based on the alternation of hot and cold water jets, as well as on the pressure of the delivery, it is recommended after a Finnish sauna or a Turkish bath to tone the skin and improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

Salt Room

By halotherapy or salt therapy, we mean an almost thermal treatment where it is expected
mineral absorption. Its benefits are directed to the respiratory system, to the care of
dermatitis and skin infections.


Specific treatment for emotional and muscular stress. Tones and fights water retention, prevents rheumatism and arthritis and increases peripheral blood pressure, contributing to greater tissue oxygenation.

Sauna with infrared

Thanks to sweating and dilation of the pores, it favors the elimination of toxins and stimulates cell turnover. Furthermore, the action of infrared acts as a lipolysis, thus also obtaining a reduction of centimeters.

Take your time and discover a new world where nature and water meet


We are part of the Nabi Lakes

The NABI Water SPA is one of the structures present in the Nabi Lakes natural oasis, where you can experience a hedonistic journey in search of relaxation and peace.
Laghi Nabi is the point of reference for those who want to discover the beauties of the Neapolitan area, and a destination for those who want to fully enjoy breathtaking scenery and experience exclusive adventures immersed in privacy and the beauty of nature.