Regulations Nabi Lakes – Wellness Park

In order to improve the efficiency of the service, the courtesy and helpfulness of the Staff, to prevent phenomena of degradation and disruption of decorum and civil livability and coexistence, as well as behavior that could create disturbance to the public peace, all for the need to protect the tranquility and safety of the Users, the activities inside are governed by these Regulations that everyone must observe by committing to comply with them; entry is therefore subject to the taking vision and acceptance of the same.


Guests are requested to observe the following rules in order to allow others and themselves a pleasant stay:
* The reservation will be considered confirmed by payment of deposit equal to the amount of the first night or different amount IF and ONLY IF agreed in advance with the Reception. In case of cancellation of the reservation by the customer not in accordance with the cancellation policy the deposit will not be returned.
* Management office – reception – cash desk (also for payment of receipts/invoices) remains open h24.
* On the day of arrival (CHECK IN), rooms will be available from 15:00 (it is preferable to communicate the time of arrival at the time of booking). The balance of the stay will be settled upon departure and the cost of any consumptions/extras charged will be settled upon delivery of the room (CHECK OUT);
* On the day of departure (CHECK OUT) rooms must be vacated no later than 10:00 am. It is possible to agree on a late check-out only with management’s authorization and will be charged: 40% of the daily amount with check-out by 1:00 pm or the daily amount minus 10% after 1:00 pm. In the event of a check-out after 10:00 a.m. that has not been agreed upon in advance, the same conditions related to late check-out as above will be applied and the stay in the room will also not be guaranteed.
* Guests who leave early are required to pay for the room for the remaining days of the reservation in accordance with Art. 1385 -1386 cc as amended.
* Guests who wish to leave before the scheduled check-out time must check out and pay the balance of any extras the night before departure.
* It is forbidden for non-guests to enter, visits by family members or friends must be authorized by the Management, in addition, the visitor is required to leave with the Management an identity document which he/she will collect upon leaving the facility.
* For visits involving overnight stays in the same room as the booked vacationers by relatives and/or friends must be authorized in advance by Management. The fee as per current rates (€ 70.00 per additional person) will be charged. Will be reported to the P.S. all persons, found inside the hotel and not authorized.
* The Management reserves the right not to accept bookings from Subjects who in the past have behaved improperly or detrimentally towards the Oasis and any activity within it and/or the Clientele.

* Car parking is free for Resort Guests for the duration of their stay. Parking is uncovered and unattended. Management is not responsible for any damage or theft caused to cars in the parking lot.
* Each room corresponds to only one parking space.
* The speed of vehicles within the parking lot must not exceed 10 km per hour.
* In case of suspension of electricity supply due to Enel or water supply due to Aqueduct or other force majeure causes, the Management disclaims any responsibility and is not obliged to make any reimbursement.
* It is obligatory to respect the vegetation, grounds, hygiene and cleanliness of the facility, any damages will be charged to the person who causes them.
* Access of small dogs must be authorized in advance by the management and will incur an extra charge of € 10.00 per day. They must be kept on a leash and the use of a bag and dustpan is compulsory, their excrement must be collected by the owners and deposited in the appropriate bins. Any damage done to the furniture will be charged at the cost of restoration. Pets are allowed only in certain types of rooms, in case of unreported pets the reservation will be considered not usable, the amount of deposit or balance of the room will be taken in full without the right of withdrawal to the booking party.
* It is the obligation of all guests to respect the peace of others and the hours of silence ranging from 24:00 until 08:00 the next morning.
* It is strictly forbidden to light any stove and / or lighters, smoke and bring food or beverages inside the rooms unless authorized or pertaining to the food outlets inside the facility; Management reserves the right to remove anyone who introduces food and beverages from outside for safety reasons.

* It is also forbidden to use the restrooms as a spillway and it is recommended to use the specially provided trash cans.
* In the common areas and especially in the Restaurant and Reception rooms, it is recommended to adopt decent attire and it is forbidden to enter in a state of nudity or swimsuit.
* Any damage to the equipment and furnishings of the Oasis and the facilities therein caused by guests or their hosts will be charged to those responsible for the damage.
* Management accepts no responsibility for any injuries to adults and minors, the latter must be accompanied by their parents and/or guardians.
* Customers with food allergies are required to notify the management in advance. Products served are of quality, Management disclaims any responsibility and is not liable for any possible refund.
* Management is not responsible for theft, loss and damage to valuables and items not delivered to Management in a sealed envelope. Management must issue a signed receipt.
* Room/bathroom cleaning and bathroom linen change is daily, bed linen change every three days. If requested, daily bed linen change must be reported to the reception office and has a cost of €5.00 per dì.
* The Oasis is equipped with a medical first aid kit (band-aids, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, etc.) for minor interventions located at the management office. For more serious problems, the guest can opt for the medical guard or call 118.

* In the unquestionable judgment of the management, repeated failure to comply with these rules, and engaging in misbehavior that seriously harms the harmony and spirit of the Oasis, may result in removal as undesirable guests. In such a case, the removed guest shall not be entitled to any refund of the fee paid, subject to the management’s own right to claim compensation for any damages and prejudice. Please note that the signing of these regulations implies their total acceptance including any more unpleasant consequences. The management also warns that if forced will provide to quickly alert the components of law enforcement; in the same way will be treated episodes of serious lack of respect towards the management or those it represents in this case.
* Room Cleaning: If the room is not vacated on time or is particularly messy (clothes on the bed, various objects or accessories on the floor), the room will not be cleaned. If the room is particularly dirty, the management reserves the right to charge an additional fee of € 20.00 for the extra cleaning and sanitizing. Any damage done to the furniture due to negligence will be charged at the cost of restoration.


Laghi Nabi – Oasi Naturale and its related accommodations informs its guests that following the Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003 and subsequent amendments regulating the right to the protection of personal data, it will comply with the provisions of the regulations in force in the processing of personal data. The data acquired will not be disseminated but may be communicated exclusively to companies and/or professionals who perform administrative, accounting and marketing data processing tasks on behalf of Laghi Nabi – Oasi Naturale. The supplier of the data may directly and at any time exercise the rights under Article 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 2003, by writing to Mr. Michele Falco director of the company Talia S.r.l. at the email

According to art. 7 of L.D. June 30, 2003, 196 the interested party has the right to:

obtain confirmation of the existence or otherwise of personal data concerning him, even if not yet registered, and their communication in intelligible form.
obtain information on: the origin of personal data; the purposes and methods of treatment; the logic applied in case of processing with the aid of electronic instruments; the identity of the owner, manager and the representative appointed under Art. 5 paragraph 2 of the subjects and categories of persons to whom the personal data may be communicated or who can learn about them as appointed representative in the State, managers or agents.
obtain: the updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of data; certification that the operations referred to in paragraph a) have been brought to the attention, also as regards their content, of those to whom the data were communicated or disseminated, unless this requirement proves impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.
oppose in whole or in part: for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data concerning him/her, even if pertinent to the purpose of collection; the processing of personal data concerning him/her for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research or commercial communications.


  • The Management reserves the right to expel the Frequenter who holds an attitude contrary to hygienic norms and improper and uncivilized behavior and/or who causes discomfort to other Users; also reserving the possibility of reporting to the Judicial Authority and requesting any damage suffered.
    The Management reserves the right not to accept reservations from Subjects who have in the past behaved improperly or in a detrimental manner towards the Park and any activity within it and/or the Clientele.
    The use of the services offered can only take place during the opening hours to the public, and is conditional on the advance payment of the amounts corresponding to the services requested, according to the rates provided in the price lists.
    The arrangement in the bathing areas and the assignment of the location is taken care of exclusively by the staff concerned.
    Users are responsible for the equipment and furnishings provided, which must be used in a proper manner and taking care not to damage them.
    Users are obliged to compensate for any damage caused to the Park’s equipment/furniture due to their own malice and/or fault and/or negligence and/or inexperience.
    Users must always occupy their stations in an orderly manner and with respect for neighboring stations.
    Clients are requested to avoid the reception at their station of visitors not included in the reservation, inviting their Guests to meet them in the spaces designated for refreshments; in this case, the Client is required to inform their Visitors of these Internal Regulations and to enforce them.
    The use of tables and chairs is reserved for Customers of the bar/restaurant.
    It is not permitted to bring and consume meals and/or food independently brought into the Park.
    In order to prevent possible damage resulting from improper use and/or dispersion of glass containers and cans which, in case of shattering, could be a source of danger, and in order to protect aspects related to order, safety and public security, it is always forbidden to abandon in a public place drinks of any kind contained in glass containers and cans. However, the relevant service of serving at the table, immediate consumption at the counter within the designated areas, and sale for possible take-away in combination with food is allowed.
    Management disclaims any responsibility for accidents and/or damage to persons, animals and/or property that may occur in Nabi Lakes Park itself due to non-compliance with these regulations.
    If there are special needs or conditions, please communicate with the Management.
    In case of lost persons, notify the Staff promptly.
    In case of accidents that occurred within the Park, it is mandatory to promptly notify the Management.


Having noncivil behavior and demeanor.
entry to persons in an obvious state of intoxication or under the influence of medication or drugs. The staff, if it detects behavior that is not suitable for the safety of the individual and that of other frequent visitors, is authorized by the Management to remove unwelcome individuals.
Use vulgar language and disrespectful behavior.
enter indoor areas shirtless.
consume food and drink in an unseemly manner, creating a disturbance to the peace and/or decorum of the Park.
abandon garbage except in the appropriate containers.
introduce pets without a leash. Any damage to property or persons will be the responsibility of the owner, who must be of legal age, with all related obligations of vigilance and attention and responsibilities related to any injuries.
leave pets unattended: the Management is not liable for the theft or loss and/or damage of the same occurring on all indoor and outdoor common parts.
trampling lawns and flower beds where present except for areas identified by Management.
Keeping loud the volume of public address devices, as well as making use of them; keeping the volume of cell phones/smartphones and the like high; producing noise, singing and playing music.
solicit alms/donations and engage in forms of begging.
damaging and/or defacing, moving, concealing architectural structures, furniture, signs and the like. staying overnight, camping with tents, caravans, campers and other equipment or installations used for this purpose and arranging bedding other than that provided by Nabi Resort&Glamping and Plana Resort.
touch the equipment and facilities provided by the security service.
leave property unattended: the Management is not liable for damage, deterioration, theft or loss of objects occurred on all internal and external common parts.
introduce and use own equipment/furniture or bulky toys, unless there is a special state of need (infants, disabled, etc.).
move equipment/furniture beyond one’s assigned station, encroach in any way on the spaces assigned to neighboring stations, even if temporarily vacant and even by depositing one’s own equipment and/or personal belongings there.
take and/or occupy accommodations/equipment/furniture from their place of origin and/or neighboring locations and/or use the same in the absence of the rightful Lessees (even if friends or relatives). There will be provision for payment for the squatted accommodations and/or locations.
Accessing, transiting, stopping and parking with velocipedes, mopeds, motorcycles, electric vehicles and motor vehicles (with the exception of internal vehicles, medical emergency vehicles, Police Force vehicles and Fire Department vehicles).
Engaging in any kind of activity that may constitute danger and/or disturbance to people, animals and property.
To engage in commercial, advertising, promotional and recreational, sports, recreational, tertiary, religious, political, etc. activities, including in the water mirror, by distributing, posting or displaying material of any kind and/or by means of sound broadcasting.


  • Entrance to children is subject to the acknowledgement of parents and/or chaperones of minors and acceptance of these regulations;
    Within the area, the responsibility lies with the chaperone, who must be of legal age, with all the associated obligations of supervision and attention and responsibilities related to possible injuries.
    Children must be accompanied in each area and in the restrooms by an adult person responsible for the behavior of the children entrusted to them, who has custody of them; for safety reasons.
    The Management disclaims any responsibility for accidents and damage to persons, property and animals caused due to the lack of supervision of the accompanying person.
    It is forbidden for minors to enter all rooms equipped with a whirlpool bath and/or inside the facility. In case of presence of children not communicated the reservation will be considered not usable, the amount of deposit or balance of the room will be fully taken without right of withdrawal to the reserving party.


Open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The following regulations are intended to protect the safety and well-being of the Clientele, as well as the order and cleanliness of Nabi Lakes – Natural Oasis.

Each Client is required to comply with all laws and regulations that govern beach activities in general.
Beach/pool/spa equipment rental and attached services provided to our clients include the following: access to the Park, a sunbed, use of the restrooms, outdoor shower, and operator service.
All those who use the beach equipment rental and annexed services provided by Nabi Lakes – Natural Oasis (referred to in the above point) declare with the purchase of the ticket that they know and accept these regulations (posted at the entrance of the establishment and at the cashiers) without exception.
The rental of equipment is intended purely on a daily basis from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. of each day established by the purchase ticket and is conditioned on the advance payment of the amounts corresponding to the services requested, according to the rates set forth in the price list. Consequently, the Management does not guarantee the full operation of services outside the previously described time slot. The rates charged, whether daily or multi-day, do not constitute a privilege on the manner and terms of use of the equipment provided and/or the services provided.
The allocation of equipment is made exclusively for the current bathing season and will not constitute preference for any allocations in future years. The request for equipment allocation is made at the time of ticket purchase at the ticket counters by the interested party. Reservations will not be accepted without concurrently making payment for the relevant rental.
The places that can be occupied are only those indicated by the staff in charge.
Umbrellas and sunbeds may not be reserved.
Diving and/or recreational activities that disturb guests are not permitted.
Guests must keep the documentation proving their right to use the services offered, handed out by the ticketing staff, in order to be able to show it at any request coming from the company staff in charge of controls. Persons who do not have a ticket and are found making use of the establishment’s facilities will have to pay the full price of the place occupied for the entire day.

  • * Umbrella reservations are nominative, so use by third parties is not permitted, nor is it permitted to assign or sublease rented equipment, and/or host third parties at one’s place.
    * No refunds of subscriptions or current day tickets are made for any reason (second thoughts, bad weather, natural disasters, etc.), nor is it possible to make up for non-use of tickets, whatever the cause.
    * No seat changes are made, nor may chairs or loungers be taken from other places.
    * The placement of rented equipment (sunbeds, umbrellas, etc.), the use of which must be solely for the intended function, is limited to the area in which it is placed, in the relevant row. For this reason, they may not be moved away from the assigned place so as to encroach on the space of the neighboring place. The use, even partial, of vacant equipment adjacent to one’s seat will result in the immediate charge of the same.
    * Each umbrella may accommodate a maximum of four (4) persons (including children); Should the number of occupants of the umbrella exceed these limits, Management may resort to termination of the rental as provided in the next point and/or require the rental of an additional umbrella.
    * The validity of periodic subscriptions and day tickets, are subject to customers’ punctual compliance with the conditions listed in these regulations.
    * Due to the requirements of hygiene, morality and mutual tranquility of the clients of Laghi Nabi and in case of infringement of any of the rules referred to in these regulations, the Management reserves the right to terminate, without any obligation whatsoever, the rental contract signed by purchasing the access ticket, resulting in the loss for the client of the sums paid for this purpose. Management also reserves the right not to accept a reservation from customers who have in the past behaved improperly or detrimentally towards Nabi Lakes and/or other customers.
    * Misbehavior, unbecoming or otherwise disruptive to other customers is not permitted. If appropriate there will be immediate removal from the facility.
    * It is prohibited to cause disturbing noises, including loud music, especially during rest hours (1 p.m. to 4 p.m.). This prohibition also applies in the waters. For better comfort of the Clientele, discreet use of cell phones is also recommended.
  • * Minors are not allowed in the wellness areas or the Amphitheater, Solarium and Amphitheater pool areas.
    * Minors are allowed only in the areas named “Spiaggia Levante” and “Spiaggia Ponente”. In case of undisclosed presence of children, the reservation will be considered as not usable: the daily rate will be fully charged without right of withdrawal to the reservationist in case of online purchase, in case of physical reservation will not be accepted.
    * Children aged 4 and under pay full daily rate.
    * All games that may cause harm or harassment to customers are prohibited. The following are expressly prohibited due to their dangerousness: soccer, volleyball, racquetball.
    * In case of bad weather and strong wind, in order to prevent any dangerous situations, the Management reserves the right to provide for the closure of umbrellas and deck chairs.
    * It is forbidden to place in the sectors and bathing areas their own deckchairs, sunbeds, chairs, umbrellas, sunshades, curtains and any other installation unrelated to the rented equipment.
    * Bathrooms, sinks and showers are to be left tidy and clean. Shampoo and shower gel may not be used in the outdoor showers.
    * Waste must be placed in the appropriate containers. It is forbidden to deposit them even momentarily anywhere else.
    * It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts or other waste on the beach and/or in any area. Guests are asked to use the ashtrays and/or litter bins provided.
    * It is forbidden to light fires; violators of this provision will be reported to the competent Public Safety Authorities.
  • * Customers are informed that should the need arise, for needs related to the company’s business, the Management will agree, after prior notice, to the allocation of another beach/pool place.
    * The customer must use the equipment taking care not to damage it and giving prompt notice to the Management of any malfunction of the same. Misuse of rented equipment (sunbeds, umbrellas, etc.) is prohibited. Users are required to compensate for any damage caused (through their own intent or fault) to the equipment owned by Nabi Lakes. Management disclaims any responsibility for accidents or damage to persons or property caused by guests’ carelessness, improper use of equipment, or for anything left inside the facility.
    * Management is not liable for any reason for items and/or materials owned by the guest that are damaged or stolen inside and outside the bathing areas; therefore, it is recommended to never leave money, valuables in general, clothing, toys, mats and any other personal items unattended; whether day or night.


  • On high wind days, umbrellas must remain strictly closed. Each customer is required to observe the instructions of the staff. It is forbidden to stay on the lifeboats or touch the equipment provided for the purpose. Customers must observe the provisions contained in these Regulations.
    Failure to comply with the rules and prohibitions set forth in the preceding articles will result in automatic termination of the charter contract and removal of the violator from the establishment.
    For any clarification, should it become necessary, please contact the staff.


These regulations (“Regulations”) govern the use by guests of Nabi Lakes – Natural Oasis and its parking lot (“Parking Lot”).
* The introduction of the vehicle inside the Parking lot, following the withdrawal of the entrance ticket at the ticket office at the entrance, implies the full acceptance of the contents of the Regulations and the stipulation of a contract having as its object only the occupation of a single parking space, remaining excluded any obligation of custody and supervision by Talia S.r.l, which undertakes only to ensure the availability of an area for parking.
* The daily rate, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., corresponds to the amount of € 3.00 and will be certified by the payment ticket that must be kept by the Guest for the duration of his stay. The same rate remains unchanged even in case of a shorter stay.
In case the car stays longer than the limit hours (beyond 18:00), a surcharge of € 1.00 per hour will be applied.
* The user is required to:
1. park the vehicle exclusively within the spaces provided, with any doors and hoods locked;
2. use each space exclusively for parking one vehicle only;
3. scrupulously observe the internal signs and comply with the Highway Code (Legislative Decree 285/1992);
4. bring into the Parking Area only motor vehicles for which a suitable insurance policy has been taken out.

* Within the parking lot, circulation must be conducted at a walking pace. It is also absolutely forbidden to carry out any operation that may hinder the safe use of the Parking Lot.
* The Parking Lot and its equipment must be used with the utmost diligence.
* It is also prohibited to:
1. leave in parked vehicles animals as well as valuables and/or flammable materials and/or other objects that, for whatever reason, may constitute a danger;
2. carrying out unloading and storage of objects and/or materials of any kind, especially if flammable;
3. refueling, making repairs, washing the vehicle and/or recharging batteries;
4. park vehicles with leaking tanks or that have other defects such as to cause damage to the structures of the Parking Lot and/or the people inside it;
5. park vehicles without regulatory plates or authorized replacement plates;
6. park vehicles in transit areas and/or in front of exits.
* In case of non-compliance with the above requirements, Talia S.r.l. reserves the right to remove the vehicle with expenses and related risks borne entirely by the user.
The user acknowledges that Talia S.r.l. may request and/or proceed to move the car for service needs related to the safe management of the Parking lot. To this end, Talia S.r.l. reserves the right to carry out, by means of its staff, the necessary checks.
In the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, the user is required to comply with any instructions given by the staff of the facility in order to allow the rapid performance of the aforementioned control and management operations.